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To take good exterior photo, a few points and ultimately

Location photos are different from Interior photos will be subject to external environmental factors, to shoot on location wedding is not an easy thing. So you new people must pay more attention to the following points when shooting wedding photos, so that your wedding will be more perfect.


     point 1: avoid messy hairstyle

     hair will become very important when shooting. Especially when on location hair easy to wind, messy hair will affect the result. Salon stylists would often do for brides Hepburn head location, hair styling, wigs, stereotypical way water can increase hair strength and makes the picture more natural.


     point 2: location sitting to lively

     If the bride in location shooting in a mini wedding dress, sat down and taken the time, paying special attention to legs pose, proper posture can avoid wardrobe malfunction, also extends to body, appear more slender. In terms of the side legs is a good idea, you can make the image more aesthetically, if there are scattered even more people.


     point 3: props plus for you

     for outdoor filming, for brides, and props help can seek a more comfortable posture, can improve their natural look. Also aided film role. Especially those colorful props, to make images become more abundant.


     point 4: soft

     We are not professional models, so that the muscles of the body, the line is not so perfect, shooting to avoid their less telegenic parts exposed to the camera. To avoid muscle obvious way is to not use too much strength to support the body, during the filming of the classical style in particular, it is necessary to show women the new mellower side to avoid force posture.


     point 5: acquired sexy sprawl

     cheongsam, or an improved version of Han Chinese clothing, often with high slit, compared to wedding dresses, easier to show legs, photographer intentionally let the models to do some "horizontal" position to show the sense of mellow. At this time you should take care, action mainly concentrated in the calf, thigh as close together as possible, preventing wardrobe malfunction on the one hand, on the other hand, won't make is too rough.


     while on location wedding shoot some kind of difficulty, but as long as the couple pay more attention to posture and remains in a good state. Perfect wedding not far from everyone.


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