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How Cheng Qiu wedding dress

So, for select fall married couple, should take this rare opportunity to own a red carpet dress, while guests what to wear to a wedding atmosphere more suitable for the wedding? Suzhou Photo staff give us some suggestions below, maybe you are a colleague's wedding beautiful and decent.

    wedding photos wedding of Suzhou first chiffon fabric, lace, dresses, flowers are ranges that can be selected, and you can play in any formal occasion. Bride usually wears a white wedding dress, so little white dress you want to avoid it.

    in addition, large areas of black and bright red is also not recommended, choose a soft pink, beige, yellow, purple, green can help you not only looks exquisite and elegant, also set off a wedding atmosphere.  

    is another wedding dress, this dress is a large, spread out the skirt dotted with layers of ruffled and folded, let the bride exude a romantic Palace unique temperament.

    with the development of social trends, wedding style once more, here for the bride to create a short knee-mini, bride and so down to Earth.

    Suzhou Photo staff think jewellery wedding trends to watch in order to add luster jewelry mosaic of luxurious wedding this fall and winter, diamond, Crystal, pearls, shining and beautiful element of decoration in wedding, wedding dresses added a lot of expensive gas. This year on the precious Platinum jewelry wedding is the biggest attractions to create the wedding dress, designed both to Visual, touch is very good, it's worth a lot of money.

    in addition to the fresh short wedding dresses, floor length dresses remain the choice of wedding hot spot. This fall and winter one of the design highlights is to spread out the skirt, interspersed with layers of ruffled and folded above, worn in the bride's body gives off a romantic Palace unique temperament. And also broke through the plain, blue flowers, style, green and white color way shines fresh.

    If you think Western-style wedding dress too elegant, Suzhou photos think that newcomers can try different styles such as an exotic wedding. You can also create a sense of extravagance.


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