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Wedding photography for two close-ups of attractive

Trend with you around, this a paragraph has revolutionary of Fuji FinePix Z115 camera is Guangzhou wedding photography work room has been dream of camera, may not understand this line of people for this brand very of strange, but for Guangzhou wedding photography work room for, a paragraph good of camera is photography of soul, and this paragraph Fuji perfect of camera very to rod, why Guangzhou wedding photography work room to select it? Here we look at the camera.

     there are four colors to choose from, all metal fashion fuselage gives you super high image quality. You can FinePix Z115 carry to anywhere! This digital camera has four different colors, stylish and more with 5 times optical zoom. FinePix Z115 small camera fashion, slim, super high image quality. U-shaped structure appearance make the camera look thinner, flashier. To carry in a pocket or worry about. From black, pink, purple, white, choose one of four colors that best suits your style.  

     control button the blue LED light will not only highlight the camera around the gorgeous and elegant, even in dark places will allow you to easily select the operation mode.

    FinePix Z115  is ideal for shooting portraits of friends and family, and unique imaging technology helps you to retouch photos. Self-timer secondary mirror next to the camera lens, allowing you to capture the enviable pictures or double take. Secondary mirrors can be placed precisely in the center of the face. The scene in the viewfinder will be automatically identified and selected as one of the appropriate camera settings: Portrait, landscape, night, macro (close-up), night scene portrait, and backlit portrait.

     only two people take wedding pictures? Use double self-timer feature! Double self-timer function will wait until the images of the two face filming closer together again. You can choose according to desired intimacy "near", "features" or "super close close-up" to shoot!

    has such a camera, no matter where you go to a wedding photography studio in Guangzhou, can make very beautiful wedding pictures, because this camera brings us not only images, but rather bring us an infinite mind.


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