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Eye-catching theme wedding dress

To sister's wedding it's a broken days picking up things, wedding day wearing what dress is as a sister to the headache, for guests is very important and it is a very difficult thing.

    so if you are in a formal summer should wear what dress during the day, or a specific theme wedding what clothes you should wear. Let Amare come today to show love shooters, strongly recommend for summer wedding dresses, so do girlfriends you beautiful on your wedding day.

    Suzhou wedding photography believe that if you are attending a semi-formal wedding banquet: This dress simple, handmade beads to dress a little more elegant, it also brings some sense of Grand, for a semi formal wedding party.

    If you were to attend cocktail reception: If the wedding invitation card has indicated wearing holiday dresses, then there might be a similar cocktail reception, so dress fabric can be smooth, so that the floor will make you attractive, bold colors will make you very sexy.

    If it is in the formal wedding of the day: you owe it to yourself to choose a suitable morning or afternoon wearing dresses, chic suit, lovely details, such as Ribbon waist, sparkling colours. Usually you don't like in the Office. People's attention is not focused on your dress, remember to choose a large sun hat.

    Suzhou view theme for the beach wedding photography wedding wedding ceremony should be a more relaxed, beach wedding needs is a light sundress dress style, this elegant long gown is perfect for beach wedding in the evening, the bright blue dress that feels elegant and easy, but you have to remind newcomers not to forget the tea sunscreen.


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