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Outdoor wedding photography Kings must have tool

This is a outdoor photography of the King must have a camera. Photographers needed at any time with their own camera, imagine you are walking on the road to see the wedding, you will want to record scenes? Multifunctional Fuji with long lenses and bright viewfinder, and allows you to experience a completely different feel for their wedding photos. But so many cameras, that is your favorite? Below we look at Fuji-FinePix XP100 camera. &Nbsp;

     a more rugged design for outdoor photography. Whether to throw anything on the camera will be able to withstand. XP100 waterproof depth of 10m, shock-proof high 2m, prevents dust and sand invasion, even in temperatures as low as-10 ° c.  

     a variety of outdoor-proof, using powerful waterproof sealing, most 10m, as long as you are close to your subject, but captured the dynamic exciting underwater world. Suitable for all kinds of sports! FinePix XP100 fall from 2m heights are still intact. FinePix XP100 is ideal for winter activities, minimum-10 ° c cold-resistant. Dust-proof, ideal for all over the sand and gravel beach and outdoor wilderness, etc.

     bright, clear 2.7-inch LCD display with anti-reflective coating, even in strong sunlight also has good visibility. For you at the same time presents the colorful underwater world.

photographs and films of great quality, fuselage is small, but it contains some advanced Fuji Dragon 5 times zoom lens, 14 million effective pixels and image blur reduction feature. Shot, shot, zoom ... Take excellent photos and videos so easy!  

     the scene in the viewfinder will be automatically identified and selected as one of the appropriate camera settings: Portrait, landscape, night, macro (close-up), night scene portrait, and backlit portrait.

     multi frame technology of this pattern, at high speeds respectively, underexposure, the normal exposure and overexposed shots three photos. Then the three images stacked together, allowing details in shadow and highlight areas to achieve the best balance, elimination of "white washing" and "black death" phenomenon, forming a pleasant, natural gradient.

    such a good camera, and styling fashion beautiful, whether you move, wish I had it to the wedding.


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