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Selecting the right wedding dress bridal style goes without saying

Popular wedding wedding dress was dazzled by every new comer, this phase in such a flood of the wedding had been interrupted in the end, thoughts ran out, wedding staff want to remind newcomers of Shenzhen, is best, fantasy is to see a touch of illusion. Below we list a few wedding dress, may be able to give you make up your mind.

   1: long, a sense of a shaped wedding dress, the overall design is like English numbers, a general, upper body tight and narrow waist, take advantage of widening a wedding dress design. Due to the waist and it is clear that whole feel is a straight line from top to bottom, will look on the overall feel of a higher pick. In the bride's idea of high praise, Oh!

   2: noble-type fit type, skin design wedding dresses from top to bottom, gives a sense of nobility as a whole, if you are a small but excellent Landis held the wedding, wear this kind of wedding dresses, we can highlight your noble qualities.

   3: the elegant Priness Line, the wedding dress is the upper body close, Bai natural waist to skirt from the waist width type wedding dress, this kind of wedding dress designs are quite common, with waist wedding dress design of Bai is different, can be used with a variety of venues.

   4: gorgeous like a loose skirt, waist constriction behind Bai as clock-like waist to skirt wedding dress design, specifically in the spacious hall will showcase its ornate feeling.

   5: to give an elegant and sophisticated feel of the fishtail wedding dress, designed in thin and narrow design concept, lap the following sudden broad skirt of Bai as the mermaid tail design, specifically in the spacious venue to highlight the overall sense.

   6: Shenzhen wedding feel that want to keep the cute route you may choose knee-length short wedding dresses, skirts Bai to lap up and down, the overall feel is light and lovely, very suitable for over-easy outdoor banquets and overseas wedding Oh.


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