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Tap-and-go, relaxed wedding photos come

In the view of many, wedding photography is for the couple to become physically and mentally exhausted. But have you ever thought of even wedding photography, but also easy and fun? Here to introduce the stop-go wedding filming, I believe it will give you a refreshing feeling.


     wedding: a new model of stop-and-go

     This style of shooting, the whole process will be very happy. All work done in laughing, let photographs be a happy, happy memories. Standing at the side of the groom seemed to relax, from time to time to communicate with farmers busy ploughing into the fields. Bride's white gown, no matter where in a classic, without exception, to let the bride be the protagonist of eye-catching. The pleasant atmosphere will make spot into a beautiful picture.


     different, welcomed by the new

     This is an offsite wedding photos are refined and improved. We travel the traditional line and shortening the time set the route in advance, so allow plenty of time for new choose your own scenery at any time to stop and shoot. In addition to the wedding, and also for the couple to memorable wedding has become a memory.


     places suitable for walking and

     whether it is urban, or local flavor of natural scenery, is filled with new people walk, breezed to complete your favorite wedding dress taken place.


     colorful orchards: on my way to red Valley, everywhere flowers are in orchards, red is a peach blossom, white Apple flower. New people are full of hope that the flowers left in front of the Memorial, composition and mood can make newcomers feel satisfied.


     green country road: a time when everything flourishes when everywhere, unknown little flowers and strange plants, long winding country roads seem to notice the new "hold your hand, and son" Road will be longer. In the countryside, beauty is everywhere, new select attractions can according to their own style.


     Lake is your good choice, lakes, pavilions are visible everywhere, and everywhere weeping willow leaves. Southwest slowly strolled through the South Gate, the scenery along the way, the new intoxicating, the photographer also wanton.


     as a new form of wedding photography, walk and take wedding photos shooting has enough new ideas, easy enough, warm enough. Members of new choices.


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