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The FinePix Z950EXR camera is one of the favorite wedding photography studio in Beijing. Fuji camera performance is unquestionable, hold it in your hand, you will find that this world can be so clear and distant. Because of this camera, life became more colorful, more colorful. For wedding photography studio in Beijing, and the soul of a good camera photography, so a perfect camera is very good, why wedding photography studio in Beijing to choose it? Here we look at the camera.

     with the new EXR auto-implemented high quality photos and movies, EXR CMOS of 16 million pixels sensor produces excellent image quality. FinePix Z950EXR can automatically detect feature to prevent blur, which produce brighter images in low light conditions. After the recognition scene, EXR sensor mode the camera automatically switches to DR mode to enhance color, brightness and depth, then capture scenes contains high contrast detail, thus rendering the best sunsets.

     powerful zoom, compact ultra-high resolution, using long lenses to shoot excellent images, Fuji. More powerful zoom and high-speed capabilities integrated into the compact body. Ordinary optical digital zoom only the image data size, which often leads to inadequate resolution; new Super resolution zoom using the EXR processor speed and power, and immediately the image edge sharpening, and reducing image noise throughout the digital zoom range with natural clarity and vivid detail of the image. Long lens, Fuji's outstanding performance from the original higher resolution precision lens technology and processing technology, are designed for delicate moment you capture high fidelity design lenses.

    FinePix Z950EXR can automatically detect your handheld camera direction and rotating display of portrait view or landscape views.   Horizontal hand-held camera, the display automatically switches to landscape view.   Vertical handheld camera, the display to portrait view.   Just a touch screen, you can manage a variety of settings. Dual image display make operation easier and smoother.   Experience the innovative technology and a new way of photos to enjoy.  

dual image display make operation easier and smoother.   Experience the innovative technology and a new way of photos to enjoy.  

     advanced recognition and flexible film, this unique recognition technology has a wealth of features, flexibility to detection and recognition of faces, objects, and situations, can best help rendering pictures. In addition, using panoramic view 360 moving around shooting allows you to shoot for a 360-degree photos.  

     has such a camera, no matter where you go to a wedding photography studio in Beijing, can make very beautiful wedding pictures, because this camera brings us not only images, but rather bring us an infinite mind.


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