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To the most distal, shooting Beijing the most beautiful wedding photos

This FinePix Z909EXR the perfect camera is very good, why Beijing photo to select it? In the world of photography, Fuji's photography is always a focus of attention, also means that technology on the front end, and the FinePix HS22EXR camera is a wedding photography studio in Beijing had wanted the camera, photos in Beijing, the soul of a good camera photography. We first look at the camera.

    EXR CMOS debut, in pursuit of the ultimate image technology, Fuji developed the exclusive sensor technology--EXR CMOS, EXR CMOS imaging technology and advantages of perfectly together. The camera's dynamic resolution and superior shooting speed will give you a new experience of photography, photography a new era has come.   Long shot, Fuji's outstanding performance from the original higher resolution precision lens technology and processing technology, are designed for delicate moment you capture high fidelity design lenses.

     gyro-sensor even in low light conditions most distal or 5 times optical zoom, can shoot out a high image quality, and reducing blur and noise. The image stabilization system to compensate for "slow" and "small and fast" campaign, have a nice clear low light photos and movies. Sometimes things happen so fast that they can't see everything with their own eyes. FinePix Z909EXR an amazing speed of up to 320 FPS action freeze! You can examine the details carefully, step by step, to look at things in slow motion.

    FinePix Z909EXR can automatically detect your handheld camera direction and rotating display of portrait view or landscape views. Horizontal hand-held camera, the display automatically switches to landscape view. Vertical handheld camera, the display to portrait view. Just a touch screen, you can manage a variety of settings. FinePix Z909EXR there are three upscale colors available: red, black, white. Integrating color into the slim, compact, and develop your own style.

    FinePix Z909EXR pet recognition, identifiable dog or cat faces, optimizing focus and exposure, and allow you to shoot the favorite pet photos. You can also select the auto shutter feature, as a pet when you look directly at the camera, which automatically take a picture.

     has such a camera, no matter where you go to Beijing photos, can produce very beautiful wedding in Beijing, because the camera brings us not only images, but bring us an infinite mind.


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