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Photography soul, powerful photography system

The soul of a good camera photography. HD digital camcorder is the wedding photo studio in Beijing this FinePix Z808EXR always dreamed of cameras for Beijing for wedding photo studio, the cable of the camera is very good, why Beijing bridal Photo Studio to select it? Why do we look at this camera's got us.

   3.5-inch widescreen LCD display with bi-directional GUI and dual image display make operation easier and smoother. Experience a new way of photos to enjoy. FinePix Z808EXR can automatically detect your hand held camera's direction, rotate the display to portrait view or landscape views. Horizontal hand-held camera, the display automatically switches to landscape view. Vertical handheld camera, the display to portrait view.

    "Pat", "see"! &Nbsp;EXR Auto mode can automatically recognize the scenario, choose the ideal shooting mode, shooting mode the sensor switch to the most suitable for a variety of conditions. Using the EXR priority feature, you can manually switch to the 3 CCD sensor operation mode. Eyes like preferred to select a different function in order to get a better view of the different scenes, each EXR mode uses different ways to change the way sensors capture images. Like human eyes to make dark scene as delicate, high sensitivity and low noise priority function using high speed and FinePix original pixel joint technology with super high brightness and very slight noise to capture images.

    Fujifilm award winning long shots, Fuji has the world's fastest auto focus system. World famous Fuji long lenses are widely used in all walks of life, including outer space satellite, TV/film, surveillance and a small camera. Fujifilm to provide skilled manufacturing processes with high-precision optical lenses and technologies, allowing you to have the most excellent 5 times optical zoom.

     very powerful positioning systems. Portrait, skin tones are softened, reinforce natural look.   Skin  , which can automatically enhance skin tone. Scenery, best suited for filming scenes in the Sun, effectively taking a clear, bright buildings and mountains photographs. Movement with fast shutter speeds capture movement of people or objects to help you capture the perfect moment. Night mode for shooting evening and night scenes. Photos at slow shutter shooting. Night (tripod), use a tripod to shoot clear photos of the dawn.   Fireworks, use a slow shutter speed shooting fireworks photos. Sunset, shooting the sunset scene with a bright color.   Snow, the most suitable for snow and not make unnatural Dim images or photos of the whole screen is white.   Beach, you can get a clear photo of the people, and will not rule out the image darkens in bright light.   Party  

best suited for shooting indoor wedding or party. Keeping natural atmosphere in low light conditions. Flowers, can be taken to clear close-up pictures of the gorgeous colorful blooming flowers. Text files or text on the Whiteboard pictures. Dogs, detection dogs face, optimizing focus and exposure.   Cats, detection of cat face, optimizing focus and exposure

     Wow, so a camera is too good a really want to own it, whether you go to the wedding photo studio in Beijing where, can make very beautiful wedding pictures, because this camera brings us not only images, but rather bring us an infinite mind.


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