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Fresh whisper turned classic bride

Along with the progress of the times, social development, and also compete in various industries, clothing, beauty trends are continuously evolving, today's current turmoil is tomorrow's history. Reverse thinking bride style, naturally with the changing fashion trends, but loves a challenge, newcomers advocated classical. So, how to make yourself transformed into the classical elegance of the bride, wedding photography Studio from Shenzhen below provide some revelations.

    first point of fresh young women changing classical bride in wedding dress choice or Prime, Princess is the best choice is to the upper body, highlights of the waist line is used. Waist line on the vision for the upper body look more curvaceous, European Palace dress style is well restored. A circle on the chest-white, played down the tube top sexy wedding dress looked particularly cute, can serve as a classical charm.

    wedding dress skirt choice is an improved version of Tutu, cascading cross chiffon, creating a surreal atmosphere. Trapezoidal profile design of waist, well decorated body. If the bride some stout body below the waist, the dress can be used to adjust the size.

    the second main point, is with the jewelry, in order to mix clean retro hairstyles and makeup, choose large or exaggerated jewelry, in principle, do not exaggerate, otherwise it will make jewelry as heroes, the bride gave a supporting role.

    the third main point is that brides bouquets in hand, in order to highlight the retro styling of the bride, bouquet selection is quite large, drop-shaped bouquets. Main gentian flowers and hydrangea, and color is relatively moderate. With a variety of pink mix hand bouquet is low-key and luxurious.

    from fresh small woman turned to a classic bride, wedding photography studio in Shenzhen involved there is little requirement is to have a classical charm, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and wedding dresses, all links must be placed in focus, as each is compatible with classical details.


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