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Photo notes
1, light colored underwear (xiejian);
2, United States (close-up, very beautiful OH);
3, the day before the shower, armpit hair shaved, hair-do not use any styling products;
4, a pair of light colored heels;
5, can be done in advance mask, skin care;
6, have allergies to cosmetics, makeup artists say in advance;
7, prepare for makeup and skin care products (store regular cleansing milk)
8, the same day in the open lining coat, easy off;
9, if you wear glasses, ready for stealth or no mirror frames (glasses),
10, the day before not to drink water at night;
11, the same day not to wear expensive jewelry;
12, with the chest stickers, please prepare in advance
1, a pair of black leather shoes;
2, white shoes and jeans;
3, two pairs of socks in black and white;
4, light colored underwear
5, the day before the shower, shave, clean nose hair, manicure, hair-do not use any styling products;
6, if you need a haircut, one week in advance;
7, if you wear glasses, to prepare for an invisible or without mirror frames (glasses)
1, summer can prepare their own sun protection, pest control, blotting papers and other supplies
2, winter prepare their own warm-keeping underwear;
3, eat a good breakfast stored energy;
4, can prepare their own snacks, drinks, replenish;
5, if necessary, can prepare their own casual, couples set;
6, photographed, do not be late

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