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Weather photography tips

We either implement shoot for the magazine ~ shoot for file data or records a holiday trip, we all wanted to get ready for all ~ from shooting a football game to make a portrait of grandfather 90 ~ taken from Egypt's great pyramid to record the baby's first steps.

If you know you are going to face a special scene, take a look at tips on landscape. Can also refer to content on other photography books and magazines and see other photographers in the same or similar topic is shooting. Thinking about-and remember-how they managed to effect. Like the works of master painters learn, we can learn a lot from others.


photographers loved the dramatic weather. Rain, snow, fog, storms-weather can make the sky photo graces and help you to convey an emotion or feeling. Wet streets of reflected neon light and sunny look different, and fog-shrouded atmosphere of abandoned houses more than sunny days. Try taken in different weather conditions in your neighborhood scenes and compares each image to convey the sentiment.


when shooting in the rain, looking for a hidden place (such as the porch). Simple umbrellas or plastic bags to pack your camera and leave a hole in the lens, since water can damage your equipment. Pay attention to falling raindrops on your lens or filter, and clean them often.

solidification it is empty it

freezing rain in the air, using 1/125 or a higher shutter speed. 1/60 s rain will appear elongated and more obvious when you lower your shutter speed. If it is in the best against the bleak background highlighting raindrops, but if not possible, try object contains another clearly showed that it was raining in the screen---for example, umbrella or dropped in a puddle of water.


If it is raining or when you shoot the city has just started to rain, go-white Street pictures for you color a lot.

rain effect

Figure out the picture of how the rain will affect you. Leaves are bright and the wind trunk will be dimmed because of the humidity, makes the wood becomes even more dramatic. Can a farmer smiled and stood in the field watching the rain, but the rush of business people face may look unhappy.

is a railway station in Ethiopia, the rain hasn't stopped the woman tried to sell to passing tourists. Fast shutter speed to stop rain and makes it almost invisible. 1/60-second shutter speed drop happens to appear vaguely in the train car on a dark background and the characters quickly enough.

as a picture, the same exposure, different results. 1/60-second shutter speed was almost froze the picture on the left in the snow, snow can be elongated with 1/15 seconds. Adjust your camera properly exposed aperture and shutter speed combinations before thinking about what kind of effect you want.


snow and ice, as well as beaches, you can cheat meter: bright white led underexposing-because-do not forget-meter 18% gray obtained readings. Easiest way of compensation from the gray card or color you know is in the middle of the color gets read. Make sure it is in your body the same light and light meters is not obtained from the bright background readings. If the shot is important, on the use of bracketing.

If you take many photos of the same color, and you have to make sure your meter underexposing, you can set the exposure compensation dial on the automatic compensation. If your camera doesn't have such a dial, you can change the ISO value to "cheat" meter. For example, if you use the ISO 200 film light meter reads F/16 in 1/250 seconds. Gray card readings you get F/11 in 1/250 seconds. You can simply change the ISO value to a 100lai compensation. (Remember, half ISO value is double the required amount of light reaches the film. ) Don't forget to shoot back to the original settings.

If it is a sunny day, in the morning or at dusk. Low angle of the Sun makes the snow than the daytime show more detail and texture. Avoid sunshine taken from behind you when direct sunlight. Light reflected from the snow directly into your lens will usually give you a vast expanse of effects.

If you're shooting sports-skiing or sledding-view details of sports sections, learn how to solidify movement or capture.

in very cold conditions, the effective working temperature to try to keep the camera batteries. I usually put the camera in his jacket, and shot out, and then moved down one place and then put it back. Remember, skin and the extremely cold metal adhesion, surface tape to any contact well in advance. (Don't lose sight of your nose with the contact point of the camera. )

When you are in the very cold days returned to the room, don't forget to condensation. When you are in a cold environment in sealed plastic bags for cameras, and then when you get back to a heating device room in warm the camera, and then open the plastic bag.

Description find real "cold" details: a huddle in the feathers of birds, from colorful down coats came into the eyes of a child, two people hanging in the air when you breathe ice on the beard.


be cautious when using snow in flash photography. Flash will light the recent snow and not only lit up the rest.


ships hung in mist, floating in the haze on a lily pond-water vapor can produce a great resonance picture. Just like snow, fog can also fool your light meter and Flash. Some fog can be a perfect greyscale or in the middle of its rarefied matter, while others are likely to near white. In order to ensure the correct exposure, obtain exposure readings from the subject, or, if you can get close to, and received from the gray card. In thick fog conditions, your flash light may be reflected by particles and can reach your subject, just like car headlights sometimes only illuminates the fog and not lighting the road as is the case when.

If the fog is too thick, simply wrapped in clear plastic bags to your camera. Note the vapor condensation on the lens. When outside when the mist and fog, don't be scared by its Dim light-diffuse light ideal for pictures of some types of emotions.

storm sky

when I saw the dramatic storm the heavens, I was running around trying to find some of the points of interest in the foreground. Dramatic sky created you cannot get the feeling from the other scenes, just as classical painter as shown in.

Shenzhen photos if you few sunshine broke through the clouds, and don't get meter reading from the light, because you want to make it brighter. The same applies to hit the rock burst of white foam. Remember, if the sky is too dark, then light meter will be overexposed.

a fast shutter speed and the right combination of appropriate aperture to stop this group of ski sport and stark white snow record. Full snow scene in the camera's light meter generally low exposure, so it gets from the gray card readings or revise the camera's light meter readings to compensate for the bright white snow.

atmosphere of fog shrouded in mystery of the Yangtze River, rarefied mist to allow the film to be able to catch some of the ship's details. Bright sunlight the same scene would give rise to a completely different feel.

gathering clouds that adds a clear blue sky and the lack of aura and sophisticated atmosphere. If you want to see the storm skies, travels with my camera. If it rains begin, remember that shot from under the roof or umbrella to protect your camera.

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