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Photos of common sense

Locations need to be aware of all the details

Wedding photography: Xuan Xuan's shoes do homework today is the location of points the Raiders, it took me long time, exhausted me, summary is really not doing well ...

all on-location shooting when full can print this post out and then a a check to confirm.

Oh ... How should we do? To do the best ... Another increase in project, you can make a note ...

(* ^ __ ^ *)   hee hee ... ... This is absolutely 100-point full ... ...

begin to summarize, fresh fish ....


* discussing with photographers taking pictures:

-stating that she wanted to feel and style

-print pictures that are found (and not modeling, photography style is going to find out, together with instructions)

-magazine and data (one record in advance)

-look dresses do take pop references

-style: with a style that you like, or look like the samples found at the scene, than to look for photographers, this method is the simplest and most direct

-mind your own there: feel it does not look good, ask them to modify (stylist), and note taking mirror angle (picture day repeat)

* Note:

      belly, chest fat or cellulite, Crow's feet, underwear

      smoothness of clothes, food residue of teeth, hair, double eye patch, left, flower freshness

* outdoor shoot location: the place to confirm that you want to

     If more than one, please be sure flow. even what to wear are the best to speak well

* Photo: this is for reference, specific items to personal communication and coordination

    "stick" must be int, on location, "stressing the" don't take too long and too late (picture is a very hard thing)

* confirm the photo day process

* If you want to take something (large puppets, props) must first communicate with the photographer.

* I want the special position, such as: proposed actions, or jumping or something like that.

* bouquet requirements: find your favorite flower, and how do you like the dye, Xuan Xuan himself, must be invited juanjuan to meagrely, meagerly bouquet bouquets.

* make an appointment to try on dresses,  sure fit (bride and groom)

* ask if they have the entire set of gloves, jewelry (necklace, veil)

* choose the right dress, asked the stylist what color shirt should be prepared, and groom tie, wedding dress shop is there provide tie?

* photographers and stylists need to take stuff

* stylist: you don't like styling must speak out or take out also sad

* mineral water   towel   straw

* clean hair   one day in advance;

* If you go to the countryside to take mosquito liquid

* with two boxes of powders (both male and female skin, bring two boxes of varying shades of good level)

    * If they find oil on your face, makeup is needed, or else face will be reflective, bad photographer

    * If you can take a large piece of fabric, change yourself in it, for accessories and hair ornaments.

* do not drink too much, wearing a Tutu did not go to the bathroom

* box of glasses/contact lens solution (including contact lenses and glasses), contact lenses, medicine must take!

does not like or uncomfortable to speak * modeling

* many thanks to staff members, because we really worked hard all day

* to wear sneakers, shoes not to basically, comfortable to wear sneakers on the line

    * with a pair of high heels, in order to cope with foot shot, of course, can have a direct bounce shoes.

* bring your own digital camera and take lots of tidbits

* coat, in case of a sudden change in the weather

* night, go to bed early before bed, drink less, or stop drinking; a week in advance, preferably every day before going to bed apply mask

* determine the car filled up, HA HA, if it is needed to drive to

* photographic hardware, mirrors, interior layout, the background, hand embellished gloves to fight for their own

* sunscreen must be clean, can't shoot day sunburn or suntan

* spring and autumn is more suitable for on-location photos, spring blossoms, autumn sunset, even summer sun of the beach, are preferable to the beautiful scenery

winter on location, preferably in the afternoon sunny moments.

* caught in rain, can be asked to select a location the other day re shooting, you can also choose to indoor places for the scene, bar or coffee shop, is also a different feeling.

  * wear simple wedding   drink less, too heavy seems to be not very nice ...

* groom suits best with light, white, black and dark suits easier to being eaten by a background of nature, it is best to avoid.

* hair style to make a solid point, wind rain, some Bobby pins or hair spray on it anyway, to wind and rain as the first priority, o (∩ _ ∩) o haha ~

following each person's specific job.

* girls:

oil absorbing facial tissue, lip gloss, lipstick, wet wipes, cotton held, small mirrors, sunscreen, bottles (individual)

girls want to wear leggings, often sitting on the floor, preventing wardrobe malfunction

worn open front button shirt, don't wear clothes, or can't take off clothes

     Jewelry can be worn with high heels and carry a little more.

black hair clips, little things, but it is universal.

     pin (PIN dress)

     straws (drinking to avoid smearing lipstick)

* man:

take two shirts, best color (top sweat ugly)

     white socks, a pair of black shoes

     tie (combined with the color of the shirt)

     suit (don't bring an all black suit, with dark grey/medium grey/light grey or other colors)

do ideological work in advance, the shot of the day will be very tired, we must 100% with the bride with staff

good mood, do not upset the bride

before the photo is trying to look in the mirror for practice, almost all girls are beautiful, while men stay, Oh, a good look

     magazine referred to a modelling agency, put the tongue on the palate, smile natural, and I've tried, and the results were pretty good

take good care of your   because the bride must verge can't ignore you

If you sweat, not at once blowing cold air, cold, Oh.

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