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Older woman yarn selection tips

Drama Queen of the loser dogs, many older women sigh, 33 year old heroine is matchless in the play is almost a life only working fashion magazine ACE Reporter, middle managers, known as the "female Devil". However, still single, she was secretly called "lost dogs". When defeat when the dog finally married, married Dr tells you how to change the stereotypes of older women, choose a suitable wedding dress do beautiful bride.


lost dogs women tend to give the impression that youth is gone, cantankerous, inflexible strong impression, if in the selection of dresses, from young's temperament of detail design, improve, highlight color and individuality, the older "lost dogs" can also get married on this day, bid farewell to lost dogs morph age tender young bride.


age secrets of rejuvenation of 1.  details

age elements: puff sleeve


puff sleeve with childhood memories and little girl feeling, but it is not just young girls patent. Older women today well-maintained can bravely try to puff sleeve design, find the little girl felt so so amazing: she was very young.

age elements: lace


flower walk easy to think of my sweet little girl, decorated with flowers, also minus a few years of age. Lace you can increase the mellow temperament, change the "lost dogs" in people's eyes than the impression.


age element: close-trim


as he grew older, seemed to fit on the way down, but for their high standards and strict requirements, "lost dogs" would not be shape, so can try close-cut wedding dress, then shows a proud figure, so we give consent.


age scroll 2.  change lost dogs temperament

by age: old fashion


growing older in his career, "lost dogs" are often accustomed to wear boring traditional wear, wedding dress choices focus on fashion design elements, must be able to get rid of "lost dog" image, so that all up.

age: strong soft


older "lost dogs" are mostly strong woman character, giving a strong and even aggressive image. Through the white shoulder strap, fold, flowers, and other small details, to soften a strong personality, turned into a gentle brides.


age: serious and playful


invincible in the workplace "lost dogs" used to cold business tone of voice and facial expressions, forgetting the charming beauty of the woman born than the veil as special treatment, such as a wedding hat, or back with large bow decorations like fairy wings, find playful feel.


age: steady light


used to see big older women show steady, sober habits in front of people, but this is not true on your wedding day. Using transparent tulle to create the feeling of light, you can create a light and elegant girl.

age color protruding tips 3. 

color: blue, fresh and pleasant image

skirt blue flowers are white background, differs from a plain blue dress, this pattern more sense of design. Upper white and blue beads complement each other, and overall feel very coordinated, further enhance the image of light blue fresh and pleasant, "lost dogs" is no longer than older women.


color: gold, elegant image

upper body shell design makes the Golden dress a distinctive figure, while the lower body skirt with gold yarn, harder metal under the qualitative change in this yarn, soft noble. "Lost dogs" to find the wedding dress that best matches the color.


color: dark green, ripe and elegant image

Green is not frivolous, does not flow in cookie cutter, suitable for those who disdain to small image of female MILF, loser dogs, try the restrained color to set off its own unique personality.

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