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Black and white photos have any skills?

Although color film and the recent emergence of digital photography, black and white wedding photography is still a charming form. Wedding photography by black and white photos and period as the once-popular black and white photos.

why black and white wedding photography photos?

since manufacturing color film and CCD sensor has put so much technology, why do everyone wants to shoot black and white wedding photography pictures? The reason nothing is black and white wedding photography has its own unique charm; for many people, the smoke color screen makes images immediately become more stable, more realistic and more imagination. For some reason or other, a black and white photo will be more real than a color photo, this may be because the Elimination of the influence of color, eliminates distracting colors, so that we are attracted to the real body of the picture. That is not very accurate, but the advertising photographers around the world, commercial photographers and photography enthusiasts again into the black and white wedding photography is an indisputable fact. Has its own classics in black and white, nothing is more durable than the black and white wedding photography has charm, but it cannot be denied that this is an area where photography is difficult to master.

learn to observe in a black and white way to overcome the main obstacle in the black and white wedding photography is how to learn to use the black and white eye to "see" the world around them. Because emergent different colors for different gray-tone records, therefore require fertilizers some time to master the different colors are in the picture in what kind of way. For example, red and green are two very different colors, 30 they will be recorded as similar in the emergent gray tone.

many wedding photographers use such a technique, it is often carry an orange filter, through the filters were observed. Although filters   are not a picture of a black and white image can be observed, but you can see with different lightness of a color (orange) consisting of monochrome images, is relatively easy to work out to be filmed in black and white wedding photography photo effect. Meanwhile, you can also consider using a small attachment called monochrome conversion to help observe, this is a small filter with a mask, when you put it on the front, a scene shown in a black and white manner. (Important note: when using artificial light to shoot, don't use correct color temperature conversion filter, for emergent not bias like color film. )

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