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Wedding photography 12 golden rules

Photography is a technology, is also the accumulation of experience. Here are many photographer's experience brings together 12 of the most classic and practical wedding photography tips in Shantou, it knew by heart, will help you deal with a lot of control of the scene, and featured collections.

1. sunny 16 rule   (Sunny 16 Rule)

"sunny 16 rule" is when there is no light meter, correct way to estimated exposure value under the Sun, so this rule is only suitable for use in sunny circumstances. The aperture is set to F/16, shutter synchronized with ISO, or slightly faster. For example, when the ISO set to 100, the shutter should be set to 1/100 seconds (1/125 of a second). Therefore, according to this rule, on the beach, photography, you should use the F/22 aperture, in cloudy F/11 apertures should be used.

2.11, 8 and the Moonlight 5.6 rule   (Moony 11,8and 5.6 Rules)

If you want to shoot the Moon, then here is a good rule. When the shutter is synchronized with ISO, shoot F11 for full moon, Crescent with F8, Crescent, using the F5.6 aperture.

3. the law of camera shake   (Camera Shake Rule)

When you hold the camera while shooting, shutter speeds cannot be less than the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens. If the shutter speed is slow, then shot when jitter is more likely to reduce the sharpness. If 50mm focal length, shutter up to 1/60 seconds or more, when only when the environment is dark, Flash, tripod or put the camera on a hard object to prevent jitter.

4. anatomical Gray card   (Anatomical Gray Card)

18% grey gray was shot in carrying 18% tool. But if there is no grayscale panels do? can open palms face to the sunshine and Palm for metering, exposure and then add a document.

5. depth of field rules   (Depth of Field Rules)

deep background is twice times the prospect of deep   when the subject is deep time, focus should be selected before the depth of 1/3, because of this, the depth of focus is twice times before. Various combinations of aperture and focal length can use this rule. Remember, the smaller the aperture, the shorter the focal length, distance was farther away the subject, the greater the depth of field.

6. the law of digital print size   (Largest Digital Print Rule)

If you want to print your work into a large photo, photo size cannot be greater than the width divided by 200 pixels of digital pictures, if you work is very high, then at least be divided by 250.

7. exposure rule   (Exposure Rules)

when working with digital photos, most common law is to ensure a high light exposure accuracy, low light area with him. But when dealing with negative film, especially color negative film when you increase exposure by one stop.

8. fast flash output rule   (Quick Flash-fill Rule)

If your camera doesn't automatically output Flash, Flash's speed is set to film twice. If the metering body selected aperture, the Flash is set to the same aperture. In this way, photos of shadows

area is lower than the brightness of the subject.

9. flash range rule   (Flash Range Rule)

the rules are simple: distance multiplied by 2, and speed by 4. For example, your Flash at ISO100, the effective distance of 20 meters. If you want to make Flash up to a distance of 40 metres, you will need to increase sensitivity to ISO400.

10. pixel doubling rule   (Megapixel Multiplier Rule)

If you want to make double the resolution of a digital camera, it's simple, to pixel quadrupling.

11. action-stopping rule   (Action-stopping Rule)

this rule is based on the angle and speed of the formula. If an object along the axis of the lens you can use under the 1/125 of the shutter to capture, then it 1/500 seconds of motion capture of lens axis. In other words, if the object along the lens axis 45 degree motion, just 1/250 of the shutter speed.

12. sunset rule   (Sunset Rule)

when filming sunsets, to the upper meter of the sunset, but you cannot let the Sun appears in your viewfinder. If you want a sunset look bigger than an hour later, can be reduced in exposure compensation 1.

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