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Bridal POSE tips allow you to both slim and photogenic

Marriage is a life event, wedding is a once in a lifetime, we will want to retain the beauty of the moment. Is there a photo tip, allows us to relax in a beautiful photogenic bride? The answer is Yes! Small series to share with you a few slimming pose, beautiful bride!

slim POSE1: hands up Chin

this action may all photo set from an early age, but if the wedding dress gloves, it feels totally different, for those who face shape is not symmetrical or the face of MM, use this pose can shade out small defects.

surrounded by beauty in the wild, and strike a pose of not trying too hard, otherwise it will seem a bit contrived. Bride's cheek in hand is more relaxed nature, can also prevent double chins and big round face "appearance".

slim POSE2: cover small bellies

hips blocking small bellies, even though "no waist ~" just drop your waist "twist"!

depression not only out of the curve, with lovely face, not only quality but also no lack of sense of humor, was to appear more attractive waist curve. Bride sitting on the table, people forward, bouffant skirt, can also be a good little cover up belly.

slim POSE3: raise the skirt

skirt raised, eyes were attracted by the raised skirt, nobody will pay attention to your body fat is not perfect, especially legs, fat MM. Coupled with unrestrained smile definitely eye-catching!

raised when the skirt is a meticulous, maximize skirt volume, with the photographer successfully captured on, let big skirts full and layered, so that will make the bride look thin and all of a sudden no longer bloated!

slim POSE4: hips + lift handrails

brides sometimes seems very lazy, in fact, need some "internal forces" secretly on shoulders, waist, hips, to twist such a curve. Could put some hard, but tight muscles and perfect curves, will slim Oh!

brides can also head slightly to one side, will cover off the nasty double chin Oh, let the wedding looks very sweet great charm!

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