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How to choose bridal crowns and match

In wedding photography, Bridal tiara is very important today 520 Photography Studio for you on selection and collocation of Crown of the bride. Bridal Crown features: with millions of sparkling diamonds render the gorgeous atmosphere, usually in order to highlight the Central Mountain in the shape "shape design, essential design of Crown element: ornate Crown material with brilliant diamonds as the main, of a width not less than 3 cm.

that dazzling bride Princess Princess Crown for States, wedding season to the bride's attention to jewelry in addition to exchanging wedding rings. Bridal Crown Crown of dazzling, wonderful workmanship, both essential wedding accessories at the wedding, but also status symbols,

Shenzhen every bride Crown Studio is fine jewelry brands among the top works. In the name of marriage, therefore. Princess dream crowned you with peerless luxury.

classic choice: not snatched brides elegant temperament. For what kind of bride: introverted, looks warm, short girl is more suitable for selecting the Crown of classical design. This type of Crown is more reserved.

this Crown also inherited temperament. In addition, the essential design elements of Crown: Crown attach great importance to application of Pearl. Pearl is more reserved and soft. Crown width is narrow, and are generally not used on exaggerated shape of the mountain "design, but does not highlight the Central design soft ring.

wedding dresses best not to select the style of long tail. With delicate embroidery and small pearls wedding dress can be taken into account, and what type of caramelized: to continue the overall elegance of classical. Fabric of wedding photography studio in Guangzhou may choose satin, and Pearl light echoes.

Grand place: have always been grubbing down astonished Fengyun, advocating women "If your temperament very atmospheric, personality Extrovert; if you want to be the absolute Visual focus on the wedding, for what kind of bride: If you like personality. This grand Crown is good for you, of course, need to be tall but not too thin.

to achieve this sense of presence, essential design of Crown element: a Grand wedding tiara is a sense of place. First gems and diamonds on the choice not too finely-atmospheric design without large particles precious stones. In addition, the Central-symmetric design can guarantee the stability of this type of Crown. More than 7 cm width is required.

absolute rejection of minimalist design wedding dresses. Big skirts and long tail are essential or easy to give the impression of a top-heavy. Paired with what type of wedding: Grand Crown to match with enough luxury wedding dress.

gorgeous choice: only those who build more plump and full of feminine, charming temperament do not break the atmosphere of female talent concert with such a magnificent Crown. For what kind of bride: size small, introverted, looks beautiful, and thin bride are not suitable for gorgeous Crown.

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