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Portrait photography in particular, business portraits, our aim is to be idealized figures. Studio portraits should be light for most configurations. Many different types of light, of course, we all know there are usually: the flat light, side light, reflected light, direct sunlight, UV, there are commonly used description of the butterfly, which does not list them all here. Flat light easy fat people, and side light (narrow) thinner characters. Butterfly, the Lord placed directly in front of the face, casting a shadow nose and nose in a straight line. Butterfly light's most successful use is used in the normal oval-shaped face, and was considered an attractive light, especially for young women, butterfly light does not apply to the man's face, because the butterfly light to the subject's ears with enhanced lighting, which could result in inappropriate outburst. To a man I usually use the single main light and reflected light, to better highlight the elegance of men. Or use two lights can also add some mystique.

following three rarely used in commercial portrait: window light, light, ceiling light.

Windows: the usual narrow Windows that light is light. Daylight and supplementary Flash combined, can make a natural, soft, low-toned portraits. Sitting by the window; but not direct sunlight, strong light, fill light (Flash) in the camera above or at the side, its intensity is half the window light is sufficient. If the lottery be aware that grants the color temperature of the light.

light: where master light moved behind the subject, and only half of the face shine bright light: this method is not very common, but its effect can moderately dramatic low tones result. I used two main beam light, take some fashion girls, or alternative for men and women, and very practical.

smallpox reflection: the advantages of this light is particularly soft, it is a slow light, often applied to light, rarely alone as a main light with. It just three species basic main light of some changes, certainly, alone a light to shooting portrait is may of, this also common to reached a special of effect; but not for      portrait photographer are usually are using many of lights for the subject lighting, due to no two a photographer with completely same of method shooting photos, put in shooting portrait Shi, should according to effective consistent of way playing lamp, various lights of arrangements, can as following order:

1, the background light is used to put it on the low shelf, placed in the middle of back, whose role is to help the separation between subject and background colors.

2, the main lights: generally speaking, higher than that of the main head positions, at about 45 ° with the axis of the camera and the subject. The method to confirm the appropriateness of the lighting arrangement, is attention to eye reflections points. Viewed from the position of the camera lens, these reflective point should be located above the eyes right and left, it is a main face of direction.

3, fill light: near close to the camera lens and the lens is equal height, and the main light on the other side, if the principal does shadow caused by smile line, may be because the lights from the camera or subject related to distance.

4, and sent lamp: this is a lamp usually as in subject of above or rear of small lights, in shooting portrait Shi, almost is must products, it can increased hair of details, and level, is isolation subject and back of effective method, sent lamp location many, but main should as avoid as in face Shang, because such will effect whole picture, also to adjustment light than so as not to effect hair of color.

5, back light: this light is called contour light, can isolate subject and tone figure, it also increases hair detail, dramatic portraits can also occur (alone) we often say this is called silhouette photographs, using this light should be taken not to make it according to the principal's nose, otherwise, might seem the nose is not normal.

application of indoor light: there is a great deal of flexibility and imagination, but note that its exposure accuracy. To subject more landscaping, also according to the appearance of the subject to light. &Nbsp;    the following are some of the special features of lighting and camera configuration method:

short       trap       correction          law

forehead prominent:    Chin up, lower camera position.

long nose:    Chin up, faces directly on the camera, put your main light and lower camera position.

thin Chin:    Chin up before.

bald      heads:    lower camera position, screen darkened head, without lights, overhead and background colors mix.

taper nose:    the face turned to the camera can be improved.

face too much:    to improve the camera position, facial, go to three-fourths. Facial thin lower main lamp face wrinkles with astigmatism, lower the main light, three-fourths position. Double   Xia   BA raised the main lights, Chin up, cameras placed high. Facial defects in the shadow of   wind   ear hidden behind the head ear further away, closer to one ear and put it in the shadows, change profile photo.

  eye  :    slightly lift the mirror frame, the glasses down, adjust the side light, ensure that the principal elevation or slightly on the bottom bar.

deep-set eyes:    lowering the main light, with a lower rate.

Gold   fish   eye:    the main down-looking, with short photoperiod.

body fat low tones for:    light, wearing dark clothes, dark tones of shoulders and body, make the body background color mixing.

indoor lighting specific steps:

01, basic lighting laws

primary light along the side light. Adjust the height of the main beam, facial shadow area of a triangle (extending down from the eye box, check at the end side of nose). Auxiliary light close to the camera and optical symmetry, highly consistent with the camera. Primary and secondary light ratio of 1:3 to 1:4. Background light, contour light, decoration light needed to be determined.

02, butterfly-light method

suitable for taking pictures of high profile female portrait. Main light with high light, placed directly on the character front formed under the nose of a butterfly-shaped shadows, women like more charming. Basic lighting and other lighting layout method. Using positive light when shooting portraits of women, often place the location of the main light a little higher, make the characters under the brow bone and nose have a small projection both use a positive light to hide their face skin blemishes, also had a valid projection of icing, this is called Butterfly lighting method is popular among female photography. But it should be noted that in the actual shooting, butterfly-shaped light distribution method is not suitable for women who face too thin or too high cheekbones, or easy to make face thinner.

03, lunbolangbuguang law

to take a low-key man portrait pictures, front or side more three-fourths is like. Main light further away from the camera, make the shadows appear in the subjects toward the camera on one half of the face. Auxiliary and main light on the same side, the ratio is about 1:9. Using dark backgrounds, low results. 45 ° of BB in portrait photography is widely used, it has some of the illuminated area, also make the face with smooth icing, tone levels, lines and other more abundant. If the face is three-fourths side, the light coming from the other side, lit up all the local and three-fourths face one-fourth face, the light is a typical Rembrandt light method. This light and dark backgrounds will make the characters shine. Rembrandt light used more often by men, a resolute and powerful temperament.

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