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Shot sea wedding tips

Always where we want the sea, quiet, romantic, always bring a ray of happiness, let the ocean becoming the witness of their love every bride wishes. So how can let the ocean view wedding photos had perfect? look at some considerations with it!

1. take pictures if you need to get rid of glasses, 2 week in advance consideration should be tried on, and equipped with contact lenses, if MM wants to shoot out of the Shantou wedding photography makes the eyes look more bright, recommendations may be increased according to own actual situation to go to a black eye contact lens (beauty), the effect is good.

2. girls in addition to hair, armpit hair, hand decorated nails, men shaving, trimming nose hair, nails. Can shoot about 20 days before the hair is trimmed, dyed, heat transfer and so on.

3. usually insisted long-term on skin of nursing and maintenance is important, if you usually neglect maintenance words, photo Qian one months to skin do some nursing to care about skin's, recommended do some beauty mask especially shooting day night Oh, let second days skin to good state to completed Seaview wedding shooting, Qian a night please less water so as not to eyes Puffy, guarantee sufficient sleep so as not to eyes appeared red blood.

4. shooting the night before or the morning of first wash the hair, no hair, not on any hair gel or Hairspray to avoid affecting the shape and style.

5. wedding day simply coating usually use the skin care moisturizer can be not at their own makeup and sunscreen to avoid plagued by makeup artist, if sensitive skin use the Foundation for makeup artists, opportunity is available to reduce the allergy. And remember to bring wind, lots of mosquitoes.

6. before putting communication: before putting his thoughts to makeup artist, to listen to her advice, communication is essential.

7. before shooting had any problem to get in touch with Studio, to avoid confusion on the day, a waste of time.

8. in order to conserve energy, be sure to eat breakfast Oh!

9. girl wearing a removable shoulder strap-style underwear, coat coordination to prepare for good color, filmed ocean view wedding MM with light (color) is preferred.

10. ocean view wedding dress ready: can bring their own sets of clothes or lovers, taking into account the coordination on clothing colors and styles for men and women, men's clothing can lined with something   shirts, jeans, t-shirts, girls can bring some casual clothes such as dresses, pants or skirts, characteristic clothing. Try to take several sets of clothes, this choice, even if the clothes were wet is not afraid.

11. location selection of clothing: color and beautiful, bright-colored clothes more suitable for on location, avoid selecting thick fat clothes.

12. ocean view wedding location shooting to wear comfy flat shoes, but also brought a pair of intended finishing the beautiful high heels photos do not, even without foot, posture is very helpful, men don't forget to pack a pair of white socks!

13. prepare some Hat accessories small props like dolls, scene a pen, like lollipop sisters don't forget extra lollipops not only warm and beautiful, can still shoot to add strength!!

14. do not bring escorts, so as not to affect the atmosphere of the shoot, you will have a friend in the next while wandering in the shooting.

15, remembers with swimsuits, and more beautiful as possible, professional photographer will give you a different feeling, a young Memorial.

16, with a beautiful and cuts close-fitting denim shorts with external pockets, wore the wedding dress will not be visible when photos, changing clothes at the beach is not gone, and, combined with casual photo shooting.

17, no sun to put on sunscreen, because ultraviolet rays through the clouds, plus sea breeze blows.

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