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Wedding photography depth of field control technique

Along with the surging digital imaging trends, friends believe like a digital camera, although the perfection of digital imaging technology is not enough to completely replace traditional optical photography, but by following a few simple photography digital photos can also be a charm. Today we introduced some wedding photography on the depth of field control technique.

aperture controls depth of field: two rear three-ball amplifier respectively, we find the F8 one more real than F2.8. We say F8 larger than F2.8 depth of field. So enough depth of field to hold the rear of the sphere, make it clear within shooting range. Conversely, small depth of field can only accommodate within the focus area of the stadium, to the rear of the ball of false, and highlights the main, also has a strong sense of depth. Shantou wedding photography to get such a law: the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field, the smaller the aperture the greater the depth of field. Aperture is the camera optical aperture, the aperture smaller, larger, bigger aperture diameter. The F2.8 aperture greater than F8. It is to be noted that, digital cameras used in the test F8,f is the minimum aperture value, the greater the relative scope, the greater the depth of field.

focal length control depth of field: these two photos using the same aperture the lens 28mm end 140mm end the shoot. In the composition clearly right under the same subject more prominent because more blur the background shows the focal length focal length than the 140mm of the 28mm the depth of field. Another benefit of using a telephoto lens is not too close to your subject, in other words, you cannot close the objects to take close-up shots, snap, or detailed description plays a considerable role. Wedding photography by another rule: the smaller the focal length, the greater the depth of field, focal length is smaller the depth of field is greater.

these are two very practical ways to control depth of field. Use larger focal length and aperture can create a small depth of field, the background blur, wedding photos highlight the subject. This method applies to close-up portraits, as well as for the individual. If the description of the scene, more open landscapes of pictures we need to use a large enough depth of field, so every detail is shown in detail. Convinced that by using their hands and small digital cameras, even if it cannot be compared with professional cameras, can also be made inferior to the professional film, digital charms thoroughly played out, find a photo of our own fun!

when an object focus clear, from a certain distance in front of the object to within a certain distance behind all the scenery is also very clear. Image pretty clearly this distance from front to back is called depth of field. For a particular wedding photography picture how much depth of field should be used, depending on what information tried to convey this picture. An important part of the photographer has the right to choose, and can control the depth of field when shooting. Intelligent choice of depth of field will be an important and creative means.

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