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Round faces women's wedding makeup tips

Eyebrow is one of the key to balance facial features, so even if only slightly change eyebrow, also surprising to discover that face becomes thin, facial features seem solid. Thrush peaks in the lateral extension above the eyes and eyebrows painted a little bit longer, this tip is to make eyebrows look slender. In addition, the face smaller in Shantou wedding photography, be sure to pick high-brow end effects, up eyebrow pencil to trace the outlines of the angle. Effect of elongated face, facial with icing.

remember when girls stroke thrush-a principle to light is a frown, overhang can be aggravating, eyebrows naturally, this way you can achieve the effect of a solid natural eyebrows painted reality, zygomorphic. Eyebrow color to match individual skin type and you want to look coordinated (usually eyebrow color to hair color).

deep shadows

blue eye shadow makes the face look slender and agile. Lower lid painting strong colors, can make the eyes deep, compelling, and face have become slim, neat. Socket on the second with Brown eyeshadow brush, make eye shadow techniques. In addition, the eyeliner under the eyes painted on dark blue, to emphasize the eyes.

eyes with dark eye shadow, to nose better. Eyelids Middle Rouge powder coated, nose slightly heavier coating on both sides.


round faces women's lip makeup tips

Select color, bright red lipstick, you can make the face look thinner face is much smaller. But it also makes the skin texture detail, transparency, look beautiful, and other effects. Brightly colored lipstick makes the lips look fuller. Green rose lipstick, modification of the stereo for facial features and face shape, also has a significant effect. But if you are using white or high brightness red, but will make the lips thickened without narrowing the lip.

lipstick, lips painted on the shallow bow, not painted round mouth-shaped, so as not to have a circular top with round feeling.

round face women blush tips

round faces, painted when you blush, straight lines should be used to increase the slender face, blush to slash the painting, in a huge dip in paint blush, shake off excess powder, and from cheekbone to face the Central brush, so as to avoid too much color.

repair capacity of the darker cakes are available for cosmetic (blush) to long lines of blush,  emphasizes the vertical line adjust, lengthen a round face, cover up too childish round face.

round face women how to choose Foundation

Foundation, can be used to both cheeks shadings, skinny little round face. Used dark tonal foundations along the forehead near the hairline down narrowly applied, cheekbones men widened area of paint, causing facial brightness cheekbone the following step by step focus on nose, lips, Chin near the site.

use a dark Foundation, round face will feel so slender, icing, using the Visual effect of light and dark colors, molding the face angle. Strengthening of t-zone, in the part of the forehead, Chin, decorated with bright colors. For example: in the middle of the Chin and forehead and white base.


focus on modified contour

in order to enhance the effect of round face small, makeup focuses on modification of outline, so that the overall shape looks close to the goose egg. Face should be a slash-shaped smear, nasal use shades, coloured cream. Brightening slightly narrower range, so as not to face a feeling of expansion.


focus on shadow application

attention to cosmetic treatment of light and shadow

in makeup surface Shang, note makeup mention bright and repair shadow of processing, eyes below of mention bright can appropriate extension, enhanced cheekbones of mention bright, on both sides mandibular parts of repair dark, such on avoid has round face face meat meat of feel, enhanced has facial of icing, certainly, also has a important of parts, is nasal Department of mention bright, can appropriate extended, such, long of face on shaping out has! Want to teach a round face makeup   mm round face will look! Shenzhen wedding photography can bring you useful fashion knowledge!

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