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Now a growing number of POCOER picked up his camera to share with our attractive gourmet, especially the senior God of many POCO. Many users will wonder how they make this looks delicacies? Today, small series to teach you 6 small tricks, without advanced equipment to make delicious and attractive gourmet!

shot general food photos as long as it's digital camera, no special requirements, and of course some high enough pixel mobile phone camera can also be used. In General, the camera took the closer the better, you can use the macro highlighted details, but non-all macro food photos, lots of Nice dishes to take shape. Alternating the two works best. Here introduce some tips of digital camera and mobile phone food

1. light options

into the dining room, take a photo if you have to look for the light is good location, good light is very advantageous to ensure the photo effect, in particular mobile phone. Environment has two lines, one light, two lights. Natural light is the best light source photos. If the location is go outside during the day, plenty of light helps you shoot. Find a window seat if it is indoors. In short, more light for shooting. But in the restaurant in the evening, some dark, some light. At this time you can only find the top light position, no, then use the camera or the Flash lights to shoot.


2. speed

as much attention to light use of food photography, natural essential ISO sensitivity adjustment. Especially in a Dim restaurant, ISO value increases by 1 time times the speed corresponding to the increase of its photographic 1 time. You don't want to use Flash to destroy the beauty of food can increase the ISO value. But higher ISO, photos more impatient. Should be in accordance with the appropriate section of the. So we should give priority to select the secondary light (Flash or other light source), not enough time to consider increasing the ISO sensitivity.

3. the choice of white balance

photography digital cameras and mobile phones now have white balance settings option. During the day or under outdoor conditions, use  AUTO  (automatic) white balance mode is OK. Indoor Office lighting range depends on various lights camera white balance mode to solve the problem of line is not perfect. If your camera has manual white balance function, this time should be made using fixed accurate white balance manually, if the camera does not have this feature, so we had to find a closer to built-in modes were used. But if you use the automatic mode, also easy to restore at a later stage on the PS

4. the composition of the

everything from digital cameras to cell phones, take photos of food, ranging from the analysis can be divided into two ways: macro close-up, and overall performance. This is the established practice, not much happens. For local good cuisine, you can use the macro mode, a little closer, will feature the most beautiful place to show, will feel very attractive. Overall very special dishes, such as placing very thoughtful dishes, together with other dishes such as the environment, come to a perspective larger wide angle shot, describes the atmosphere of the beautiful shape of the food and environment.

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